The Detectable Signs & Symptoms of Depression: How to Know if You’re Depressed

There are many among us who often feel lonely, sad and depressed from time to time. This is actually a normal reaction to loss and the struggles of life. But if these negative feelings gradually get overwhelming and lead to other physical symptoms as well, that needs to be treated. If you don’t treat these symptoms, you will not be able to lead an active and normal life. This is when you should know that it’s high time you seek professional help.

Your general doctor is a good place to start off with and if you wish to know the type of depression quiz that he will take for you, click here: Additionally, if you wish to know more about the signs and symptoms of depression, here are few that you should keep in mind.

#1: You always feel tired and you don’t get enough sleep

Whenever someone is suffering from depression, this will strip you of your energy and will also make you feel lethargic as well. You will face a time when you won’t feel like doing anything as you’ll feel exhausted, and this is when you will either begin to sleep excessively or have no sleep at all or insomnia. If you find these things happening to you for a long time, get in touch with a doctor.

#2: You suffer from an emotional haywire

Suppose you feel irritated at one moment, while at the very next moment you may find yourself extremely angry at someone to such an extent that you go off on that person. Then, the next moment you realize your mistake and you start crying. So, depression has the capability of swinging your moods in an uncontrollable manner. Depression is actually somewhat intertwined with bipolar disorder.

#3: You have adapted to a negative outlook towards life

Whenever you have a helpless or hopeless feeling about life in general, this can be yet another symptom of depression. You may also experience a few other feelings like self-hate, worthlessness, guilt for no reason and several other feelings. You won’t find the point in doing things and this will continue.

#4: Your conversation topics turn gloomy and negative

Usually suicide comes along with various other symptoms; they don’t come alone. If you speak with depressed people, you will often find them speaking about morbid things like ending their own life. The person will always be talking about dying, and you’ll need someone to constantly monitor his or her activities.

So, before things get out of control, you should take the required steps to cure depression. Speak with a psychiatrist or a counselor who can help you navigate through such situations. There are millions of depressed people in the world, many of whom receive the professional support they need. Their situation often times improves. If they can do it, so can you. Just remember not to hesitate. If you believe you may be suffering from depression, go and find the help you need today!

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