3 Ways Guys Can Ruin A First Date

Going out on a first date can prove both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

With this in mind, some guys either knowingly or unknowingly end up messing up their first dates. When that happens, safe to say some women are not too happy about it.

So, what are some ways guys and even you if wanting to date can lower the odds of first date mishaps?

3 Ways Guys Can Ruin A First Date

Will Your Appearance Cut It?

In looking at ways you might end up ruining a first date, try and steer clear of the following:

  1. Not looking good – While there are some factors with your looks you can’t control, many others can be. That said do your best to look good when you show up to meet your date. As an example, if sporting facial hair, make sure it looks neat and trim. If you show up looking bad, there is a good chance it will be your one and only date with this person. If having trouble coming up with the right razor, do some online research to see what else is out there. You can do a Harry’s Shave club review and review other top shaving brands. The goal is to find the razor and accessories that give you a great shave each time out. Also take the time to look at how you dress. While you do not need a tux on a first date, do wear something appropriate. Last, always be ready to smile. This means having a nice set of teeth and not being afraid to show them off.
  2. Not being mannerly -How good would you say your manners tend to be? If they could use some work, do so before meeting a date. Coming across with bad manners is another means of ruining a first date. This is why you want to watch what you say for starters. Don’t say anything that can come across as controversial and more. While it is fine for you to have opinions, think before you speak with someone you only recently met. You also want to do things like holds doors and more for the woman you meet. Manners can go a long way in impressing someone. As such, it could lead to a second and more dates down the road.
  3. Not being fun – Last, do you have a good sense of humor? While you do not have to come across as a comedian, it is important to laugh. That said you want to be sure and do your best to have a good time. Even when a first date is not going as well as you would like it to be, try and make the best of it. Remember, your date may not be into you either. By being a gentleman and having a good laugh or two, the experience will be less painful when it comes right down to it.

Whether getting back into the dating lifestyle or you’ve been doing it for a while, try your best not to ruin a first date.

So, are you getting ready for your next first date with someone?

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