4 Important Questions To Ask Before Renting A Storage Facility

It is not easy deciding which storage facility to choose considering all the options available. Some of them might seem like a great option, but in reality, they are not. Here are some of the most essential questions to ask so that you will end up with the right storage facility in the end.

4 Important Questions To Ask Before Renting A Storage Facility

How secure is the facility?

Security is extremely important. You can’t afford to entrust your valuable items to a place that is not secure. There must be security cameras covering all parts of the area. This means that no one can escape if ever they try breaking in. There should also be night lights available so that anyone who tries getting in will have second thoughts. Although modern security technology is available, it is still better to have actual human security guards checking out the area.

What are the sizes available?

You also need to decide which facility to rent based on the size. You have to get one based on your needs. Some of them might be too big for the small, but precious items you are trying to keep. If you are keeping vehicles, consider outdoor storage facilities. The size is important not just for the items that you are saving, but the overall cost.

Will there be moving facilities provided?

The reason why it is called a self-storage facility is because you can manage everything by yourself. However, you can’t carry heavy stuff without help. This means that there should be facilities available to help you like forklifts, carts, ladders and boxes. If they can provide you with an actual assistant to help you carry the items, it is even better. Just make sure that these additional features are for free. If they charge, check the price first before you avail of them.

Will the cost cover insurance?

Insurance is still important since you never know what could happen. There might be security features in place, but thieves could be very tough. They will do whatever it takes to steal. Your items inside might have also been damaged or dislodged due to temperature changes or other events. If items break or get totally damaged, the insurance must cover the entire cost. Check your monthly fees first and what it covers. If insurance is not included, get a third party insurance policy. This will make you less worried that you are leaving your items in a different location.

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