7 Questions To Ask When Searching For The Right Drug Rehab

Today, a large number of people from all age groups, are addicted to drugs. Everyone talks about drug addiction, but it is important to know what drug addiction actually is. Drug addiction simply means being physically or psychologically dependent on some substance or drug that causes some kind of physical or mental effect. Drug addiction is caused by drug abuse, a relative term, which means the excessive use of a substance without medical advice.

Drug addiction is both an individual problem and a problem that affects others around you. If you or any family members abuse drugs, then you know that an addict in the family can cause a lot of problems.

7 Questions To Ask When Searching For The Right Drug Rehab

Before choosing any drug rehab center, you should ask these 7 questions to make sure the rehab center meets the standards to provide the proper care to help you beat your addiction.

1. Is the drug rehab center, you have selected registered under some medical authority?

This is a very important detail for a drug addiction center. An unregistered rehab center won’t provide you the proper and safe treatment as per some of the standards set by various medical authorities.  Chances are the rehab center will be deficient in one aspect or another.

2. What is the time period for a particular rehabilitation program?

Some rehabilitation centers have short term programs that run for one month, some 3 months and then there are some long term drug rehab programs that run for 6 months to a year. None of these are “best”.  Each person has different needs and you should choose a rehabilitation center that is flexible and will create a plan that works best for you and your needs.

3. What kind of detoxification facilities are available at the drug rehab center?

A complete rehabilitation center should have a medically supervised detoxification program. Detoxification is the process of removing the toxins present in your body that have accumulated due to drug and alcohol abuse. It is important to detoxify your body before continuing on your treatment plan. The process of detox can involve a medical professional who can monitor your safety while your body cleans itself. However, it is not easy to withdraw from drugs, physically or mentally. Quitting instantly without help is accompanied by cascade of withdrawal symptoms can cause great pain and discomfort. For example, the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are racing heart, fever, sweating, headache, anxiety, and mood swings, among others.

4. Does the rehab center treat the addiction with the help of other addictive drugs?

Although, sometimes medical practitioners need to give some sedatives to control the withdrawal symptoms, that won’t get you addicted to something else. The rehab program you choose should be run by expert medical practitioners and the rehab facility should have a successful patient history.

5. Are Rehabilitation facilities inpatient or outpatient?

With the help of a professional and your family, make sure you select the rehabilitation program that is right for you.  Residential is where patients stay around the clock until they recover and it is decided upon that it’s time to leave.  Outpatient is where you may continue to work and stay at home, while you visit the center each day for many hours.  Many of the therapies used in each are the same but, it all depends on the intensity of your addiction and how much help you need.

6. Does the rehab center focus on physical exercise?

Physical exercise boosts your mood and instills a confidence that can be very to feeling better. Exercise releases serotonin, which boosts your mood and gives you energy.

7. Does the rehabilitation program teach the life skills need to cope in the world without drugs?

When people leave the safety of rehab, they return to the same world stresses and problems.  It is not enough to just stop using.  You must learn the life skills that can help a person cope better after treatment.

Deciding to get help for your addiction is a huge and courageous step in your life.  Don’t half do it, do it all the way.  Making sure you are at an excellent rehab facility is a great start.

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