How to Capture a User’s Attention Through Email Templates?

The constant evolutions that are taking place in the world of technology have seldom neutralized the importance of an email conversation. It was, is and will continue to be the modest methods of having a personalized communication. The corporate world has its roots instilled in the email marketing as well as communication methodology to expand their business. The process of email communication through templates begins with a design. It becomes necessary to have an attractive email template design to hold the attention of the users. PSD to email templates conversion process begins with a good design and today let me take you through some of the tips that will help you with your email template designing process.

How to Capture a User's Attention Through Email Templates?

Things that needs to be kept in mind before designing an email template:

Simplicity is the best policy:

While designing an email template make sure to keep it as easy to be understood as to understand. Do not make it too complicated for the users to get the central idea of the email. Trying giving the maximum information with the minimum elements in the email. This will not only save the time of the users but will also give a good impressionas they are paying attention to the time factor. Short and Simple should be the motto that needs to be followed for a great and exceptional looking email template.


With a variety of options available in the market in terms of platforms and devices, it becomes essential to code the email templates that can easily glide through the wide range of options available in the market. Make sure that your email templates are accessed on all the devices as well as platforms to widen the scope of the audiences.

Images and Links:

Images do look attractive and helps in holding the attention of the users. Make use of images to convey messages and hold the attention of the users. At the same time keep in mind that the template should not be overloaded with the images or with an image that is too bulky to be accessed quite smoothly. The links should be from authentic sites and should not be corrupt. Do not forget to define these images and links for an excellent email template.

The view:

Limit your email columns to two. With time factor playing an important role in getting the audiences read your email, it becomes essential to divide the email templates into two columns for a faster understanding of the concept. Do not divide it into too many columns as it may hamper the viewing process.


After the designing process is complete the nest thing is to convert by coding it in HTML. PSD to email templates, thus designed should be able to capture the attention of the users for creating an impact in the world of communication. A great email template is a stepping stone towards achieving potential clients for your business endeavours. 

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