DO NOT Article: TOP Things You Should Not Do in Athens

Have you ever been to Athens? You know, the ancient city can be dull and dangerous, if you would not keep the rules. Greece is highly popular resort country. The white houses and bright blue sky touch your feelings. Nevertheless, going to Athens, you should remember that Greece differs from the typical European country. Try to make your holidays happy and interesting by keeping simple rules. So, there are rules about what you should do in Athens.

DO NOT Wait for Very High Level

You should never forget that Greece is Balkan country. The citizens are relaxed and permissive. The people are always late. The shop assistants do not speak English and the buses are overcrowded. Never forget about the traditional siesta: you cannot go shopping from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. Of course, the situation is irritable. You can lose your temper of accept as a given and enjoy holidays.

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DO NOT Be Limited with the Traditional City Sights

It often happens that touristic agencies offer limited list of Greek resorts. As a rule, you are offered to go to Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Myconos and Santorini. The country welcomes you to visit Greek cities. You can hire a car in Athens and go to visit provinces and interesting places. There is always a chance to hire a boat and go to the nearest islands. It is cool! You can also use ferries that are in quantities here.

DO NOT Wear High Boots for Acropolis Excursion

Of course, Athens is not Paris, where you can go around the city sights with the City Tour Bus. The touristic bus is not a good idea in Athens. For example, you cannot go to Acropolis by bus. So, it is better to wear comfortable shoes, sneakers or sandals, but not high heels.

DO NOT Wear Swimming Suits in the City

You are in Greece. The average summer temperature is about 40 degrees above. You should wear shut and natural clothes. The swimming suits are beach wear, but not casual. You are on holidays, but they are at home. It is better to be polite and keep the rules of public policy.

DO NOT Forget about Keeping Religious Rules and Traditions

The most of Greeks are deep religious citizens. Thus, never forget top keep their religious rules and traditions. Never come into church or other religious place dressed in open clothes, short skirts or shorts. Be quiet and polite. If you are not in religion, never take pictures in the local churches. Never speak loudly and come over the altar.

Sacred Places

DO NOT BE Surprised From the Prices for Fish and Seafood

As you know, Greece is a country of three seas. Nevertheless, you cannot find cheap fish or seafood in Athens. Answering your question: Why is it too much expensive? Greeks usually answer that their fish and seafood are high quality and worth money.

DO NOT Visit McDonalds and other American fast Foods

Greece is a rich green country. So, Greeks prefer using just fresh products for cooking. They are proud of their cuisine and cannot stand fast food. Of course, they have their own fast food restaurants, where you can eat tasty with pita, fresh salad and aromatic orange juice.

DO NOT Look for free WCs all over the city

It is difficult to find public toilets all over the city. Nevertheless, you can always visit the nearest cafe. There is a rule that cafe owners cannot prohibit you from visiting toilets. This is a usual policy in Greece.

DO NOT Visit Men Cafes If You Are Woman

Greeks like visiting cafes and drinking coffee. There are many men’s places in Athens. Just men are welcomed. They gather together for drinking and talking. Of course, there is not law to prohibit women to visit this cafe. Nevertheless, you feel uncomfortable there, surrounded by men.

Cafe Culture

DO NOT Smoke in the Street If You Are Woman

According to statistics, Greece is high smoking country. More than 35% of citizens smoke. Nevertheless, smoking woman in the street meets side looks and heighten men’s interest. Smoking women are not in high respect.

DO NOT Stay in A Hotel in Omonia Square

Probably, you like walking the streets in the evening. This is not the right place for walking. Walking down the street in the day time, try to keep an eye on your wallet and personal things.

DO NOT Think You Are Good Driver

You will be shocked of driving in Athens. It can be really dangerous. Stay away from scooters that are always fast and dangerous in the street. Actually, the most of them are drunk. You should not drink alcohol on driving. You will be fined for drunk-driving. This is the problem to get EU visa in future. Drive careful and take care of your car!

DO NOT Cross the Street against the Traffic Lights

This simple rule is important for Greeks. There is special sense in it. Traffic in Athens is similar to Asian traffic. This is a dangerous chaos. Superfast bikes and scooters are going here and there. They do not like keeping rules. So, try to act according to the traffic code, but not your knowledge and instinct. There is always a chance to be run over by car or crazy scooter that would not stop in time.

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DO NOT Spend the Whole Day for Shopping

Are you going to Athens for shopping? You are wrong. Of course, there are many big and small shops in Athens. Nevertheless, the choice and prices are not attractive, comparing with the rest of big shopping cities. Thus, do not spend much time for shopping. It is difficult to find something new and cheap. You are not coming here for new clothes, but fresh emotions and bright impressions.

Millions of tourists come to Athens every year. The most of them are happy and satisfied. There are also many people, who took just unhappy memories from Greece. It is better to know what you should do and never do in Athens to have good memories.

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