Dolce Vita: 7 Legendary Candy-Shops In Spain

The best cake-shops of Spain change their owners but hold true to the ancient recipes and cooking traditions. The super-modern candy-shops used to shock their public with alternative decisions and interesting combinations. This tasty article helps to define which of the most popular confectionary shops of Spain is close to you.

Embassy, Madrid

The tea-house Embassy was opened in Madrid in 1931. The cafe was accomplished in old English style and traditions. This is a place, where al ladies used to drink tea in calm and pleasant atmosphere. Lately, the tea-house welcomes not only stylish ladies, but city celebrities, diplomats, creative people, intellectual youth. The cafe was absolutely popular during the war and after war period. Many popular politicians and celebrities had their dinner there. The confectioners from Embassy had an important order – make a big wedding cake for princess wedding. The cakes from Embassy are still popular brand and tasty cookery.

Wedding cake

The tea-house comes from father to son in a frame of one family. There is a big restaurant now, tea-house and bakery where you can buy different sorts of tea, chocolate, coffee, cocktails for price 3-5 EUR, tasty cakes for 1 EUR, sandwiches for 5 EUR. There is a degustation menu. The cheapest price for degustation is 20 EUR. You can order the portion of different size and price from the legendary Embassy.

Casa Mira, Madrid

There was a story about Luis Mira – nougat master, who started his tasty business in Madrid more than 150 years ago. The sweets of this prominent master became popular in the city and provinces. The old recipes are dated of 1855. As you know, the sweets were made by hands under the master’s control. By the way, the master was a great man. His turron was many times awarded and exported to Asia, Europe, South and North America.

Luis Mira was the main manufacturer of the Royal family. The relatives of that great master are owners of Casa Mira. You can buy different kinds of turron for 45 EUR per kilogram, candies, chocolate, aromatic bakery.


Confituras Goya, Vitoria

The popular candy-shop Confituras Goya was opened in 1886 in the glorious city Vitoria-Gasteiz by Manuel Goya. Actually, this is a chain of candy-shops in Spain that was owned by Goya family. The most popular candies are Vasquitos and Nesquitas. They are sold in the metal boxes – symbol of ancient traditions. Of course, the history of this candy-shop is rich and glorious. The quality is high: the sweet buffet from Goya’s confectionary is prestigious for all Spaniards.

It is very easy to stop and take some coffee and sweets. There are restaurants where you can try dinner or breakfast. The price for big cake is about 30 EUR, pie and box of chocolate are for 20 EUR.

Ochoa, Sylvia

The popular confectionary Ochoa was opened in Sylvia to become the real symbol of the city. The cafe owners work hard to maintain their legendary reputation. The cafe worked in the center of the city. Ochoa owned a good admirable territory in the province in 2002, where the big parties, wedding, birthdays are usually held. The big hall and territory includes about 600 guests. Nevertheless, you can buy sweets in the city shops. It is said that the most of recipes are old and secret. They exist since 1910. You can buy candies, ice-cream, donuts, cookies and other tasty things wrapped in legendary blue-and-white boxes.

Bubo, Barcelona

Carles Mampel is one of the most popular confectioners in Spain. The chain of candy-shops Bubo is a place, where you can come and get some tasty coffee with sweets. The first Bubo cafe was opened in 2005. It was absolutely succeed. There are 4 Bubo candy-bars in Barcelona for this moment. You can also find Bubo cafes in Tokyo, Abu Dhabi.


It is not a problem if you do not like sweets. There are many tourists, who come to this place to buy interesting black-and-white bottles of candies for souvenirs. Some people come here to try eclairs or futuristic cakes. The cafe also offers chocolate bars, caramel of different sorts and sizes. You can buy candied fruits, chocolate nuts. The prices start from 5 EUR for one piece. You do not want to eat those amazing sweets, but view them firs.

Torreblanca, Alicante

There is a good confectionary in Alicante that attracts clients with its sweets. It is also popular of its school, where you are offered to visit master-classes, evening parties and serious cooking courses from 3 till 6 months. The chain of Torreblanca cafes contains several shops in Alicante and one shop in Valencia. There is an opportunity to buy traditional sugar-topped Easter cakes for 24 EUR, 200 grams of truffles for 14 EUR, the bottle of chocolate black caviar for 12 EUR. These are the most popular sweets that people used to buy in Torreblanca.

It is always crowded here. Many people come to drink their morning coffee at the bar counter. So, it is better to go shopping at the second part of the day. As a rule, people buy sweets to take out. There is also an opportunity to use online shopping.

Oriol Balaguer, Barcelona

You know, it is better to hire a car in Barcelona and drive to find interesting confectionaries in the city. Never miss Oriol Balaguer. This is a popular cafe that was named in honor of Oriol Balaguer – a great confectioner that gained a lot of prized and medals for his gastronomy masterpieces. Probably, this is the best innovative confectionary in the city. Look! The design and taste of cakes are modern and interesting: high tech chocolate, Easter eggs of different forms, chocolate candies.


It is very interesting, but Oriol calls his confectionaries boutiques. Their design is ultra-modern. By the way, you can buy croissants and rolls for 1-2 EUR. The small cakes cost 35 EUR. You can buy coffee, tea, wine and taste your sweet order all together out of the ordinary way.

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