Is Your Man Looking Good?

While it is not your job to tell your guy how to look, a few pointers here and there are not the end of the world.

With that in mind, is your man looking good these days?

If there are things he can change about himself, any tips you may provide him with?

How Can Your Man Improve His Look?

There are a variety of ways your man can sharpen his look.

While some will cost money, others are all but free, though they will demand some time and effort.

That said be nice when you suggest these to him. You do not want him taking it the wrong way.

So, among the options to explore:

  1. Does he have the right facial hair? – Some women love a guy with facial hair and others not so much. That said his facial hair may be in need of some tender loving care. This can be done better when he has the right shaving accessories by his side. That said it may come down to having a brand like Gillette on demand or others that will serve him best. By trimming his beard, goatee or mustache and keeping it looking neat, he will be all the more attractive to you.
  2. Is it time for some new clothing? – It may be time that your guy buys some new threads. Yes, many men tend to be a little less interested in their attire than women do. That said you want him to look good when he is out and about on his own in important situations or on a date with you. You may want to drop him a few subtle hints when it comes to dressing the part.
  3. Having a good smile – What woman doesn’t like a guy with a good smile? With that in mind, could your guy do some work on his teeth? Given teeth are one of the first things people see on another person up close; you want your man to have a nice smile. If he is reluctant to go to the dentist, give him a little nudge. Not only will regular dental visits help him with his smile, but it can help him keep his own teeth for many years to come. Good dental care is part of an overall effort to keep his health good.
  1. Is weight much of an issue? – While you may have concerns with your own weight, how is your guy doing when it comes to weighing in at a healthy number? If he is not eating right and skipping out on exercise, it can have an impact on his health now and down the road. This is why some reminders to eat better and get some daily exercise are both key. You may want to exercise with him to provide him with some motivation to work out more often. In doing so, you get to keep your body in better shape too.

In doing what you can to have your husband or boyfriend have the look you appreciate, be sure to be encouraging.

When he knows your suggestions are coming from the right place, he is more apt to take them.

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