Reasons Why Your Back Is Hurting And What To Do About It

Back pain is a common problem which affects 4 out of 5 of us at some point and in most cases.  There are many reasons that can cause back pain. It is related to an old injury or pathology. Low back pain can appear suddenly after the injury. Here are some causes of back pain and what to do about it.

Reasons Why Your Back Is Hurting And What To Do About It

Heavy stuff in  your Bag

We know you have many things to carry and if you are a mother, If your bag is fully loaded with toys and baby items. However, you have to give up that heavy bag it compresses the nerves, discs, and muscles of the back, which will cause you to face severe back, shoulder or neck pains.

Remove unnecessary things in your bag and make a selection. Keep only those things you use at all times and replace the bag with a backpack.  fact that the backpack is fashionable at this time, and your back will no longer suffer,

Car Seat

Maybe it looks like you are, but the car seat for kids can turn into the biggest enemy of your back.  if your car seat isn’t set up in the right way it will cause abnormal strain and severe back pain. you can not give up the child seat, you have to learn to protect your back as much as possible. When you put your baby in your car, bend over your knees and hips, and this trick will help you move all the pressure in your arms, abdomen, and hips, protecting your back.

Sit for long periods

Long time sitting in the office that it is the activity that causes a frequent backache. In addition to back problems, work in the office can cause migraines, diabetes and circulatory system diseases. Get out of the chair every 15 minutes and do some exercises.  It will help you relax your muscles and avoid troublesome pains.

Wearing the wrong shoes

Wearing wrong shoes may cause back pain. It does not give you a strong enough back support,  it has the ability to establish a center of gravity. They can affect your walking, and your column will suffer. Even the heels are not an inspired choice, and that’s because it bruises your back muscles, trying to keep your vertical position. Try not to wear heels daily, and when you need to wear a stylish outfit, choose medium-heeled shoes that are easy to wear.


Studies have shown that smokers have 47% more chance to develop back problems than those who do not have this defect. Smoking destroys vitamins, particularly vitamin C and the B’s.  in the vertebrae and leads to the degeneration of intervertebral discs, causing serious back problems. The advice of doctors is to quickly give up this harmful habit that affects your entire body, not just your back.

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