Seek Legal Counsel In Case Of Disputes

To ensure that one’s rights are safeguarded or in case of legal disputes one must consult an expert lawyer. However, before seeking legal advice it is important to understand the nature of the problem. A civil defence lawyer’s advice is essential in case of property disputes, family law or divorce and child custody rights. According to most legal firms people are harassed or justice is unnecessarily delayed due to lack of knowledge amongst the common public regarding civil laws governing the rights of people.

Seek Legal Counsel In Case Of Disputes

According to Steve Lindamood  people often feel embittered by the legal system if they feel that their rights have not been upheld. Hence, Lindamood a partner of the renowned legal firm Conner & Lindamood, advices people to seek legal counsel if they are in doubt. Some of the scenarios wherein one can seek the counsel of a civil defence lawyer are as follows:

  • Property dispute: The distribution of property amongst heirs must be done according to property and estate laws. Sometimes co-inheritors are unable to distribute the valuation of the immovable property amongst themselves to the satisfaction of the co-owners. Lindamood suggests that in such a scenario legal counsel must be sought out.
  • Divorce rulings: Lindamood is one of most recognized divorce lawyers. He has successfully resolved cases in both trials and appeals court, to the satisfaction of his clients. While fighting a divorce case it is essential to understand that more than the legality of the matter there are emotions of both parties at stake. Lindamood is renowned for his ability to fight a case where not only the rights but the emotional aspects of the party is upheld.
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement: According to Lindamood in order to safeguard one’s rights and finances it is ideal to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement. In case there was no pre-nuptial agreement, one can always opt for a post-nuptial contract. The Conner & Lindamood legal firm provides exclusive services, by providing agreements based on the requirements of the client.

Thus, Steve Lindamood insists that in case of any doubt or dispute one must consult a civil lawyer at the earliest. If one overlooks consulting a lawyer or following his or her advice, then the justice will not be delivered and one will be left feeling disillusioned.

Steve Lindamood in his 30 years of stellar legal practice have come across many cases, wherein justice was delayed because of procrastination on the part of the client. He opines that seeking advice or legal counsel is the best way to understand the technicalities of the legal system.

Lindamood had passed out of the South Texas College of Law in 1984 and since, then he has been fighting for the rights of his clients. He has continuously published papers in the leading legal journals like the ‘Houston Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter’ wherein he wrote a piece called ‘Practice Tips’, which is a write up on the ethics associated with the practice of law.  Lindamood is undoubtedly an excellent litigation lawyer and also one who believes in providing his clients complete support.

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