Things You Must Be Aware Of While In A Flight?

If you are seated next to a super-sized traveller and parts of him or her are in your seat and there is another seat available, ask the flight attendant if you can move. It might hurt the large person’s feelings but all passengers are entitled to the most comfortable trip possible. If the plane is full and you are so squished that your trip will be miserable, inform the flight attendant and if he or she agrees, the large sized passenger will be deplaned.

The first thing you will notice when you take your seat is the back of the seat ahead of you. There is a big pocket containing safety information, a magazine published by the airline, a sealable air sickness bag, perhaps a duty-free catalogue, and that is all that should ever enter the pocket. Never put anything in the seat back pocket. Yes, you are free to do so, but regard it as a black hole from which items placed inside will be erased from your memory until you are in the next terminal and the plane has departed for its next destination.

Things You Must Be Aware Of While In A Flight?

In addition, there is the scuzz factor, crumbs and food goo left behind by previous passengers who used it as a trash receptacle. Planes are tidied but may not be thoroughly cleaned daily. Review the safety instructions as directed by the flight attendant, enjoy the magazine, but do not put anything that belongs to you in the seat back pocket, including trash, please.

The captain will greet passengers via loudspeaker, offer a weather report, provide approximate flight duration influenced by weather or other factors, and any information he or she deems important or entertaining. One pilot presents a ‘word for the day’ announcement. Flight attendants conduct a safety demonstration required by federal regulations. They have no advance knowledge of impending doom, it is just part of their job.

Many airlines offer boxed meals or snacks you may purchase in the air. Beverage service is still offered on most flights, unless the flight duration is very short or it is late at night. Once the plane has climbed to cruising altitude and levelled off and if there is no turbulence, flight attendants announce the beverage choices. Generally, they include sodas, water, juice, tea, and coffee. Beer and wine may be available for an additional fee in coach, free in first class where cocktail orders are taken as passengers are seated.

On flights of several hours duration, you may be treated to a movie. Some aircraft seats have movie screens on the back, some show large overhead screens. There is a nominal charge for audio phones payable by cash or plastic card. You are welcome to bring your own headphones. If you are travelling with EasyJet, one of the most admired low cost British airlines, use Easyjet contact number to get the details or travelling tips by speaking directly to their customer care representatives.

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