Jonathan Schrag- A Name That Has Made All The Difference

Over ages it has been observed that, the fossil fuels which are burned to produce electricity, releases certain gases, which are in turn harmful for the environment. According to different studies, it is becoming impossible to lessen greenhouse gas concentration. Looking at the scenario, few companies are concentrating on low-carbon technology to stream replace the use of fossil fuel.

Jonathan Schrag, is a renowned name in the industry of environmental control. Scrag comes with huge experience in the same field. Schrag was associated with the Clean Energy Idea Bank as the Senior Director. His contribution towards the strategic planning hub has been immense. Schrag has also served as the Executive Board Member in Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI). Currently he is serving as the Deputy Administrator of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission. Schrag is an expert in sustainable energy.

Jonathan Schrag- A Name That Has Made All The Difference

Due to the global warming problem, the need for low carbon power came into existence. Jonathan Schrag has taken the initiative to explain why the low carbon technology is useful for the entire environment. Throughout, his career Schrag has worked for a better environment. He has worked and executed plans to protect the environment. Schrag has also been a part of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, where he along with his team concentrated on maintaining a clean and green environment.

From an early age Jonathan Scharg understood the meaning of a clean environment. He has come up with different measures to help protect the environment and also to reduce hazardous substance those are released into the air. His entire life, he has dedicated to the development of the habitat. His main work focuses on regulatory and financial innovation related to distributed energy resources and the decentralization of electrical infrastructure. His idea to generate energy from organic compounds have the changed the game. He was also the first Executive Director of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. And later on became the Executive Director of the Len fest Center for Sustainable Energy at Columbia University. He is very versatile and his list of achievements can go on for a bit.

This EDF technology is helping the nations economic in a larger scale. It is helping to cut-down on the budget for the electricity system, also gives a clean and pollution free result. This also helps people to give a full control over their costs and use of energies. The thick pollution everywhere is a concern for all. Many have started going green. With the help of all these new technicians who are concerned by the heavy use of organic fuels can create a difference on the face of earth. Their ideas when collaborated with the benefit of the human race can give an ultimate solution for the consecutive use of natural fuels. We all have a hope to experience a new pollution free world, but a change can take place overnight. It is a need that can make huge difference in terms of upgrading the nature. It is never too late to start the change now.

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