Things We Should Ask To SEO Professionals

The SEO industry is growing continuously and many professionals are seeking to provide proficient SEO services to their potential clients. The competition in the SEO industry is tough, not only for achieving high ranks in search engine results, but also among SEO professionals themselves. They will need to provide quality services for clients. Things are far from easy for these people. The whole task can be less tedious if we know what we should ask to these SEO professionals. We will need to separate honest professionals from less honest ones.

A little homework should be able to make our tasks much easier. We should be able to obtain some basic information about search engine optimizations before talking with these professionals. Clients should also try to enhance their knowledge bank. In this situation, we should try to gauge the overall level of competence among these individuals. We can start by asking their industry experience and this should be quite easy to do.


In this situation, experience will matter a lot. It is important for us to heed to this particular factor when recruiting employees for our company. We should know that the concerned SEO professional have enough industry experience and this could correlate with their level of competence. We could start by asking him about the various complexities that he has faced. Although we don’t know much about SEO industry, after asking multiple SEO professionals; we could start to identify professionals who have the best level of knowledge and experience.

When facing problems, we should ask these SEO professionals how they can solve those. We could check whether these professionals are able to deliver apt solutions for specific problems. We can cross-check their answers later with other SEO professionals that we know. Good SEO professionals may also come up with unique solutions and this indicates their level of innovation. So, it is clear that experience plays a decisive role in making sure that our SEO campaign is a success.

We could proceed by asking them to show us their previous case studies. These case studies could provide us with an information whether these professionals have been dealing with realistic situations that need to be solved. We should ask for case studies that are fully relevant to our project. It is a good idea to choose a SEO professional that can deliver case studies that can be implemented to our company, possibly with minimal modifications.

After getting this information, we should ask the SEO professional about previous projects that they worked on. We will whether these websites are still performing well on their specific primary keywords. We should get this fact clarified by contacting the owner of these websites. If the professionals’ claims have been validated, then we could trust that we could find the right person for the job. There are other things that we can ask, such as what kind of tools that these professionals will be using. As an example, they will need the right tools to analyze our website traffic.

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