6 Ways To Become An Eco-Geek

Gadgets are common things in this digital age and because many of them are affordable, we could find people who are compelled to purchase the newest devices in the market. They purchase new products whenever they are released. It isn’t enough for them to purchase three or four devices; they could buy dozens of devices.

This would be a real waste and many of these devices will never be used. By being a gadget minimalist, we could become an eco-geek; a tech-savvy individual and an environmentalist at the same time. Here are things we should do:

Buy used smartphones:

Many people purchase a newly released smartphone and sell it in just a few months; because newer models have been released. By buying a pre-owned device, we can get many benefits. We can save money, extend the lifetime of the phone and lower our overall annual carbon footprint. There are stores that sell barely used smartphones at noticeably lower prices than new ones.

6 Ways To Become An Eco-Geek

Become an eco-geek expert:

It is important for us to behave like an expert. Eco-geeks always check things like Energy Star ratings, Consumer Reports, EPEAT ratings and other indicators that tell us about the “greenness” of a product. By buying eco-friendly gadgets, we can save energy and these devices could actually be bio-degradable.

Choose gadgets made from recyclable materials:

Buying a second-hand smartphone isn’t enough, we should also choose gadgets that are made from recyclable materials. It means that some of the materials; like the back cover and other components can be re-processed to become new smartphones again. It means that manufacturers don’t need to use recently mined or produced materials.

Be multifunctional:

If we already have a smartphone or tablet; we don’t need a separate MP3 player, calculator or ebook reader. iOS and Android devices are suitable enough to become multi-functional devices. There are a lot of functions and features that we can use. It is possible for us to do plenty of multitasking. There are literally millions of apps combined for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. They can help us to extend the capability of our devices and we don’t have to purchase another gadget.

Borrow latest devices from friends:

Geeks will love touch the latest devices in the market. But, being knowledgeable about a device doesn’t mean that we have to own it. When hanging out with friends, we could borrow latest mobile devices from friends, if we are curious and check their features.

Check our household for excess gadgets:

We could find a lot of e-waste inside our home. Newer devices can be sold, if there are enough demands. Less desirable devices can be donated, while unusable and damaged devices can be recycled. A laptop that we bought 4 years ago and we no longer use can be useful for kids in low-income families. We should go all out to make sure that any waste we have can be re-used or recycled; so we can help to save the environment.

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