A Plumber Can Do More Than Just Fix Leaks

The first thought which may cross your mind when you discover you have a leaking water pipe and your home is at risk of being flooded is simply to panic.  You may even consider finding the stop cock to turn the water supply off.  Without doubt, at some point during this process you will consider which plumber you know who will be able to help you resolve the issue.

However, although a plumber is always considered when there is a leak, they are often not considered when they could be an invaluable assistant.  A plumber is capable of much more than simply fixing a water leak!

A Plumber Can Do More Than Just Fix Leaks


The services of a good quality plumber are invaluable when you need to add a bathroom, change a sink or even add a new toilet.  They are trained and should have a wide range of experience regarding the right way to install any plumbing appliance.  This knowledge includes important elements such as the right angle of the pipe to ensure adequate waste removal and non-return valves on the incoming flow pipe to prevent any contamination of the water supply.

Many plumbing installations can be conducted by a competent DIY person; however, they are unlikely to be aware of all the regulations and restrictions which apply to any installation.  This may not be an issue at the time but, future issues can be caused by plumbing which does not adhere to all the regulations.  A qualified plumber will ensure that everything is fitted to the relevant standard.


Plumbers also know how to design a bathroom remodeling, add central heating or even plan an extension.  They may consider items that are not immediately obvious to a home owner, but will make a big difference to the ease or cost of install.  A good plumber will understand the movement of water and how pressures affect different appliances; they can even adapt existing plumbing to make the most of the potential in any room.


Many people only think of plumbers when they have an emergency which needs to be dealt with.  However, part of the job of a plumber can include working in massive industrial and commercial units to ensure the smooth flow of water around the building.  A plumber needs to be able to work on large scale projects as well as smaller, home projects.

In fact, many people are surprised at how much training is required before a plumber is qualified; a good level of education is essential and there are a variety of specialist areas that a plumber can choose to work in.  Water heaters are one area that takes years of education and experience to become an expert in.  A plumber should always be your first point of call when dealing with a water heater repair, although it may have electrical or even gas parts, the majority of a water heater is plumbing.  This shows the level of knowledge that a plumber must have and the range of skills they are required to learn to offer a complete service to their customers.

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