Why Is Dog Obedience Training So Important?

Your dog is still a wild animal; certainly the dog has been well domesticated and has been well documented as man’s best friend many times over the years.  However, it has the same natural instincts as any other wild animal.  For it to be a valuable and safe addition to any family it is essential that your dog undertakes dog obedience training.  This allows it to learn basic commands and behave properly when in public and particularly when meeting new people.

Why Is Dog Obedience Training So Important?

It is important to remember that a dog bite can have a serious, or even life threatening effect on some people; depending upon the size of the dog and the size and age of the person being attacked.  You will not want to live with an incident like this on your conscience.

Obedience training also ensures that the dog knows you are in charge; it is effectively a pack animal and there needs to be one alpha dog, the leader; this must be you.  Your dog will quickly accept this and a bond will form between you which will ensure you can safely take them anywhere.

It is advisable to take your dog to a training school with a good reputation.  This will ensure they, and you get the right education to ensure a happy and loyal relationship.  If you are unable to attend a dog training school yet, it is advisable to teach your dog a few basic commands:

  • Sit

This I very important as you need to get them to sit before you can make them stay in one spot.  It is a very simple process and can be done with a suitable treat.  The treat should be in your hand and close enough to their nose that they can smell it.  Then simply lift your hand up and move it a little over their head.  They will move with your hand and end in a sitting position.  State the command sit as you do this and then give them lots of praise and affection.

  • Stay

This is the logical follow on from sit.  Once your dog can sit on command then you can try this.  Firstly show them your empty hand by holding the palm of your hand up to them in front of you.  Keeping your hand there say stay and take a few steps back.  Lower your hand and the dog will come running to you.  At this point it needs a treat and plenty of affection.  You can gradually increase the distance;

  • Come

This command is essential for correct obedience training.  You start by putting your dog on a leash and allowing it to be as far away as possible.  Then say the word come as you gently pull on the leash.  Your dog will need plenty of praise once he reaches you.  After this is being done properly you can try it without the leash and slowly increase the distance.

  • Leave

Perhaps the most important command and one that is essential for an obedient dog, is leave.  There are many times when your dog will get a scent and want to run with it.  Start by having a treat in each hand and showing your dog what you have.  Then say ‘Leave’ and keep your fist closed.  After a short while of trying to get the treat they will give up.  At this point you give them the treat from the other hand and plenty of affection.  From this you can gradually build to placing a dog treat on the floor and telling them to leave.

Obedience training will make your dog happy and you more confident when walking them; it is essential for your safety and can be fun!

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