What’s the Difference Between Heavy-Duty and Standard Caster Wheels?

Caster wheels are used in a variety of home and industrial applications. The type of caster used on a particular object depends on the weight and environmental conditions the caster wheel is subjected to. Objects roll on a variety of surfaces from hardwood to concrete to plush carpet. Each surface has an ideal wheel type to prevent damage to the material. In order to meet the variety of needs, casters come in heavy-duty and standard.


Industrial steel caster wheels are used in a variety of industries from manufacturing to aerospace. The heavy-duty casters can support over 2,000 pounds and as much as 44,000 pounds ideal for maneuvering heavy machinery and airplane wings around a warehouse. The swivel section is typically wider and has fork legs that are thicker than standard caster wheels. Many also come with locking wheels to prevent the objects from rolling away once moved. Moving equipment such as platform trucks and dollies have heavy-duty caster wheels to facilitate moving heavy objects from the truck to the warehouse, office or home.


Supporting furniture or appliances in the home is a primary function of standard caster wheels. These light-duty casters are great for office chairs or decorative shelving units. When you don’t have a large, heavy object to move, light-duty casters may work perfectly for your situation. Caster wheels often come standard with plastic drawers and shelves purchased at box stores to make home and office organization easier.


When deciding which caster wheel is right for your application, you should consider how you plan to use the wheel and where. Certain materials used on the wheels work better in high-heat applications or where corrosive materials may come in contact with them. Flooring has different needs depending on what it’s made of. Concrete can use a variety of different caster wheels while hardwood needs specific considerations. In addition, some caster wheels don’t work very effectively on carpet. How much the object weighs that sits atop the caster wheels greatly influences the right casters to use. Some caster wheels can handle larger weights while others are more for light-duty applications such as office chairs.

Caster wheels allow people to easily move furniture, machinery and other objects around a space. Without them, people would have to figure out how to otherwise move objects especially those upward of 2,000 pounds. Find the right one for your job and you’ll be set to make your work or home life a little easier.

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