2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

A lot of 2016 has passed, but there’s still a good stretch to the finish line. Finish your fashionable year right with this catwalk down memory lane so you can keep your style up to date. Here’s a list of trends this 2016 that are still going strong, so you can’t go wrong.

2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

1.Pink is In

But the real question is, when was it ever out? This year though, it sashayed down runways, trending wildly with Prada, Alexander Mcqueen, and Gucci— to name a few — all playing with the popular, flirty hue at fashion week. Here’s proof straight from vogue, that the message is loud and clear, pink is in. So don’t be afraid and rock your baby pink as a classy gown or a cutesy dress.

2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

2. Bare those shoulders in this Little White Jumpsuit

From the runways to the red carpet, from Lily Rose Depp to Julia Roberts, the off shoulder trend is everywhere. Wear an off shouldered top with shorts and trendy flat mullets, or go at it with a luxurious gown, or even better, an off shoulder pantsuit.

Now called the “LWJ”, the Little White Jumpsuit is as good a fashion staple now as any. Easy to style, sharp and different, this 2016 trend is here to stay. It’s chic, it’s white, and like most pantsuits in a formal setting, it’s quite powerful. Emma Watson received her British Style Icon Award in this sharp outfit. Jada Pinkett Smith, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and Taylor Swift have all been spotted wearing a variation.  Get yours and get rocking.

2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

3. Sheer Glory

Another classic trend that keeps evolving is lace. This year, this trend has gotten even stronger that now it’s brave enough to be all about getting in your face and going shear. Whether it’s this golden sheer lace gown for a classy night out or a pink lace dress for a casual picnic—you’re on the right direction. If you’re daring enough, go bare. Otherwise, a good nude toned suit or underwear will do well. So sheer dresses will go with them, which is all the better for you. Keep your sheer outfits classy with strategic or minimal accessorizing.

2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

4. Choker

Pair your off shoulder dress or suit with a beautiful statement crystallise choker for elegance. Top off a simple tube top with a leather wrap around choker for that hip boho look. Go for a structured metal choker for the centrepiece to a laidback outfit. The statement choker can make the difference between mediocre and transcendent. The choker in itself is way in right now, but the statement choker? It’s at a whole new level of wow that you should jump in on. Need inspiration? Here’s how the stars did it.

2016 Trends Every Fashion Aficionado Should Have

5. Boho + Suede Boots

Easily put together, this casual day out trend is not only hip but also really practical. Go with your normal skinny jeans and slip on some over the knee suede boots and you’ve instantly elevated your outfit. Elevate any jeans outfit with this statement footwear. Stir it more towards a boho feel if you want with some accessorizing or make it sleek with tailored pieces. For more on classic casual fall fashion with Charlotte Bridgeman as seen above, check this out.

Fashion can be daunting with all the possibilities, but trends are there to guide you, help you. Still, stay creative when playing with your outfit choices and don’t let trends limit you. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal sense of style to these trends and make yourself stand out.

Other trends you’re crazy about for this 2016? Tell us in the comments!

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