4 Great Gifts for Writers

Do you have a writer on your holiday gift-giving list this year? If so, you may be at a loss as to what to buy for him or her. After all, the only things a writer really needs are pen and paper, or typewriter and paper, or a laptop — and they probably already own what they need. So what else could you give the writer in your life that he or she would love to receive?

Here are four ideas that are sure to please even the most reclusive, serious, or eccentric writers in your life. However, gift-giver beware: your writer may be so happy about your gift that you could one day end up as a character in a future novel.

The perfect planner

You may have heard all kinds of crazy things about writers. They write all hours of the night and day, they can spend days at a time locked in a room pounding away at a typewriter when inspiration strikes, they can virtually lose themselves in a good novel, etc. While these could be true, good writers still want to be organized and productive.

That’s why the writer in your life would treasure the gift of a nice weekly or monthly planner. Today’s most popular planners are much more than calendar pages, and now include pages for personal accomplishments, life goals, business expenses, and grocery lists. Any and all of these things would be beneficial to any writer, who might be so deep into a plot development that he or she forgets that the milk is a week past its expiration date.

A retreat for writing

Most writers can craft their work from anywhere, but some places are just more conducive to writing inspiration than others. An isolated mountain cabin, a cottage on the beach — the fewer distractions and the more natural beauty, the more uninterrupted work a writer can complete. However, some writers aren’t looking for a complete Henry David Thoreau experience.

Modern conveniences like internet access and restaurants would probably be much appreciated. Michigan’s Mackinac Island is a perfect compromise, offering a peaceful escape to a quieter time without sacrificing technology. Consider gifting your writer with a week or weekend stay in one of the many lovely Mackinac Island vacation rentals so he or she can enjoy carriage rides, the absence of motor vehicles, incredible dining experiences, and old-fashioned lodging with digital technologies.

Writing necessities

Even a writer who works primarily online will love to receive a lovely journal or personalized heavyweight stationery. Although typing a blog or an email is often a quick default option, most writers still relish that feeling of putting a beautiful pen to a crisp, new piece of paper to record one’s thoughts or compose an old-fashioned letter. To find the perfect choice for your writer, check out this Pinterest board for a selection of more than 2000 handcrafted journals, or this list of Southern Living Magazine’s favorite personalized stationery for inspiration.

A gift that keeps giving

Is the writer in your life in constant need of brain fuel? Hopefully that fuel is coffee, and not the whiskey that may have helped Ernest Hemingway write his most iconic works (but did nothing for his health). To be sure that a “cuppa joe” is never too far from your favorite writer’s reach, consider a regular coffee subscription. Imagine the joy on your writer’s face when he or she opens the door after a grueling writing session to find a package of curated fresh roasted coffees week after week or month after month. Pair this subscription with a cute writer-themed mug and your writer will think of you with every delivery and every delicious, story-inspiring sip.

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