An Introduction To Theft Offences In Mississauga

Canada is a wonderful country and due to many reasons such as crime rates, the peaceful environment is often disturbed. The most common of these disturbances is theft or attempting of theft. Criminal lawyers Mississauga explain in brief that theft is nothing but apprehension of a property that belongs to another person without permission resulting in the deprivation of the property from the individual. This is a very complicated process and most of the people commit acts unaware of the theft offences or without the knowledge of their act as theft. In such cases, appointing professionals like the ones found in Passi & Patel theft lawyer Service.

An Introduction To Theft Offences In Mississauga

Most people do not understand theft, burglary and robbery as three different entities and think of them as same. However, they are different in a grand scale and anyone who is arrested for a theft cannot be charged with the others, unless the individual is involved in them too. It is better to know the difference between the three.


As mentioned earlier, theft is nothing but taking in possession the property or object of an individual without taking permission or authorization in such a way that the accused has intent to deprive the property or object completely from the victim. Another thing to note is some states consider larceny and theft as equal. However, according to Mississauga criminal lawyers, there are states where both are considered different and the lawyers can explain complete details about the laws of the region.


A theft requires to be occurred whereas there is no such stipulation for burglary. A burglar enters the premises of another individual without authorization and goes inside [either home or office] to commit crime. The Criminal lawyers Mississauga state that a burglary involves motives such as theft, murder and other illegal activities. It is a very difficult case to handle and the accused needs to be absolutely innocent or show such intents to get out of the case.


Theft and robbery are very similar, but robbery involves the use of blunt force or threats to acquire an object. On the contrary, theft involves the actions of the convict to take the object or property without any intimation or signal to the owner. Robbery is done by threatening or by forcing, which makes it a serious crime than theft and can often be associated with the misuse of weapons.  Therefore, it can be combined with assault or murder attempt increasing the sentence.

Types of Theft

Based on the property taken by the convict and the intensity of the crime, theft is majorly divided into two types. The two types are petty theft and grand theft, which are categorized based on the degree of severity.

Petty Theft–In a petty theft, the individual steals or takes hold of objects that are not that big or valuable. For example, silver ring stolen from a jewellery store. This causes not a lot of destruction to the purpose of the business and the sentencing will be considerably less.

Grand Theft – In a grand theft, the individual steals or takes hold of objects that are highly valuable. For example, diamonds or gold jewellery stolen from a jewellery store; this causes great disturbance in the business leading to a great loss. The sentencing for grand theft is very high.

If an individual is accused of doing any of these thefts, then the first thing to do is consult Criminal lawyers Mississauga to get advice on the further steps. Without a lawyer, it is highly impossible to debate and get out of such situations.

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