Bread and Circus: TOP 8 Interesting Festivals In Sicilia

Not many people consider Sicily as a beautiful area that is interesting for visiting any season. Are you afraid to come to Italy in winter? Do not be afraid! The winter temperature is never lower than 10 degrees of heat. Of course, it is too cold to swim in the sea. Nevertheless, there are many other interesting events to participate. You should start with gastronomic festivals. You can taste local delicacies and watch interesting traditions and festivals of different thematic.

Tuna Festival

Sicily boasts with variety of festivals and holidays, devoted to fish and seafood. The territory is surrounded with sea. The most interesting of holidays is Bonton – Tuna Festival that usually takes place in Trapani Province. The festival is held in the ancient building of tonara, where people lived and went fishing. In short, tonara is a swimming construction predicted to catch tuna.

Tuna Rice

Of course, there are many other modern methods of fishing. The festival takes you back to the past. All gastronomic stands are situated in the open air. The buildings are used for holding meetings, seminars, degustation competitions of tuna and olive oil. Never miss master classes from popular Sicilian chefs. As a rule, the festival guests are chefs and gastronomic experts from all Mediterranean countries.

You want to try everything! Friendly sellers can help you to make sense of their ingredients. Of course, the big part of food is fish and tuna. It can be canned, fried, salted or dried. If you want you can learn to catch fish and cook it right here. Take you chance and visit numerous master-classes to get know the secrets of Sicilian cuisine. Do you want to learn to cook pasta, vegetables, deserts according to local recipes? You can also find Sicilian cheese, canned vegetables and fruits, sweets and capers.

Taormina Arte

This is one of the most important Sicilian cultural events. It started in 1983 in Taormina. The festival is famous music, theatre and dance festival in the country. The program includes Jazz Festival and Taormina Film Fest – popular International Film Festival. A lot of interesting celebrities come here for feast: producers, composers, musicians from Hollywood and other popular studios. The festival takes place in June every year. There is nothing better than spending your time in antique theatre of Taormina. The view is really bright!

Massimo Ranieri Concert Taormina - Creative Commons by gnuckx

Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore

Meet the festival of almond in blossom. This is a bright funny holiday that combines folk collectives from all over the world. The holiday takes place in Agrigentu. The sense of it is celebrating the spring coming. The top of the feast is flame of friendship. The holiday starts in February to be held the whole week. It includes parades, music concerts, Sicilian orchestras and carriages. Golden Church is a place of final awards. The festival is the symbol of cultural unity and friendship.

Cous Cous Festival

It sounds funny, is not it? The cous cous festival in Sicilia takes place in the brightest resort cities of the Western shore – San Vito Lo Capo in the province of Trapani. The festival lasts for a week from 23rd till 28th of September. This is a time when you can meet the dozens of chefs from the local restaurants. They boast with their culinary skills. The cous cous is about one thousand years old. You know, this is not porridge. There are thousands sorts of cous cous. The additional elements for this dish are fresh fish, shrinks, vegetables, bananas, artichokes, lamb meat.

Traditionally, festival includes mass of concerts, shows, culinary duels. The culmination of the festival is awarding ceremony of the best cous cous of the year.

cous cous met kalkoengehaktballetjes

Rappresentazioni Classiche

The theatre season is represented with classic music. It takes place in summer, from May till June is Siracusa. The national institution of Antique Drama organizes classic performances in the Greek Theatre. Do you want to see the new life of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides? This is the place of renaissance of antique culture. The theatre building is considered to be the best sample of architecture and stage technic. The building of Greek Theatre played a big role in the city life. Siracusa was cultural and political center of the country. It is time to meet antique music closer.

Festa di Sant ‘ Agata

The festival takes place in Catania. This is the most popular even in Sicilia. It usually takes place in February, in the day of St, Agatha – the patroness of Catania. This is time when you have to leave your car in parking zone and go on foot. By the way, rental car services is Catania are popular for tourists. Nevertheless, it is prohibited to drive car in religious demonstration. This is the mass and the biggest parade in the world. The festival takes place for 3 days. Each of them is special is religious plays, parades and performances.

Festa Della Bandiera

This is the most interesting and viewy event in Sicilia. Meet the Middle Age Festival! It is really interesting to visit this interesting and rather impressive event in August. All you need is colorful costumes and theatre performances.

Blues & Wine Soul Festival

The Sicilian Blues &Wine Soul Festival is impressive combination of blues, wine and impressive decorations of the Southern island. This unique music event takes place in Sicilia is different platforms at the same time. The feast starts in the end of July, lasting for two weeks. You can feel a real wine tourist, interested in blues. This is your chance to visit concerts and taste different sorts of wine in Sicilia, including the best-selling Sicilian dessert wine Marsala.

In addition to this, you have a chance to visit wine excursions over the best wine factories in the country. You can also stop your car in the seaside to learn historical and cultural monuments. This is the place for everyone who likes music.


Italy organizes interesting festival and holidays every month of the year. This is the information about most popular and unusual festivals of the country. This is your chance to plane your trip in the best way in order to visit the events that you are really interested in.

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