Your ‘Employee Rights’ As A Lawful Employer In California

Getting a job is always a celebratory feat; but surviving the politics at work is always an uphill task. You have got to respect your seniors and boss yet have to be on mark to defend yourself against any of their schemes. There are employment laws governing the welfare of the employees and employee rights , but most of them fall flat in times of crisis unless you are an employee in any European country.

Your ‘Employee Rights’ As A Lawful Employer In California

However, if you are an employee of California, you are in for great news. California Law has separate and strict employment laws that work in favour of the employee. This law, in addition with the Federal Law, works to guard the rights of Californian employees in numerous ways than one. But having said that, it should also be noted that like any other law, California Employment Law can well be tricky to understand and difficult to implement and this is exactly where you may have to seek the advice employee rights lawyers of California. And when you are looking for the best employee rights lawyers in California, think of none but Cummings and Franck P.C.

But before you seek the advice of our lawyers, here are few rights that are extended to you as an employee of California:

  1. You are NOT entitled to tolerate any form of discrimination: As an employee of any company or agency, you can never be discriminated against. The different forms of discriminations are sexual, race, class, gender, age, disability, etc. So, if you find yourself being discriminated against over these lines, feel free to contact any of our employment rights attorneys in Los Angeles. They shall not only advise you on how to tackle the situation but shall also file case against your employers if need be.
  2. You are entitled to work even if you are disabled: Disability is not a crime; hence, California employment law allows both physically as well as mentally disabled employees the rights to work at any type of agencies. To know more about the different rights extended to a disabled employee of California, feel free to get in touch with the employment rights lawyers in California today. Cummings and Franck P.C’s lawyers are extremely experienced and they shall help you in every possible way to regain your rights as a proud employee.
  3. You have your rights intact as a whistleblower: Did you see anything wrong or illegal activity going about in your workplace? If so, you can act as a whistleblower and let any legal enterprise or the Government know about the misdeeds. Remember that California Law has separate rules that ensure protection to the whistleblowers and if your company is ousting you from your position, you have all the right to file case against them. For more information, visit the Law Offices of Cummings and Franck P.C. today.
  4. Your right to holidays: As a rightful employee of California, you are entitled to get 12 weeks of unpaid “family care and medical leave” holidays under the California Family Rights Act. For more information on this, seek the advises of our eminent employee right lawyers in Los Angeles.

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