How To Rank Well With Yahoo And Bing?

 Although Google, Yahoo and Bing implement similar basic concepts for ranking websites in their search results, we often find different. We may rank first in Google, but not in Bing and Yahoo. As an example, we know that Yahoo has less restrictive rules in defining valid links. It considers many nofollow links as valid and even some spammy links can also be considered good enough to boost website position in results.

Google is more restrictive and it only considers dofollow links as valid ones. Just because Yahoo can be less restrictive, it doesn’t mean that ranking with Yahoo is easy. It also means that we need to beat many more websites that rely on nofollow and spammy links.

Bing and Yahoo also place higher importance on onsite SEO techniques. Onsite SEO methods are more controllable than offsite one. It means that we can easily change title, meta tags, header tags, content, description tags and others. Yahoo has better preferences on website with keyword-rich page.

On the other hands, Google doesn’t really approve websites that use too many keywords in the pages. If we want to rank better on Google, we should make sure that our content isn’t spammy and it looks more natural. Sometimes, we can get away with keyword stuffing when using Yahoo.

How To Rank Well With Yahoo And Bing

Because Yahoo and Bing still allow controllable onsite SEO elements to have better significance in SERP, we should focus on these factors. We need to do this, because the competition will also do this. Instead of just spamming, we should still focus on proper White Hat SEO methods.

If we see improvements across major search engine results, we could pat ourselves on the back. It means that we are doing something right. It is highly recommended to keep pushing the quality content and backlinks. If we do this, we should be on our way to success. It is important for us to know that

Bing is slightly more unique, because it places more emphasis on content and text, in a different way compared to Google. In this casse, Bing places more weighing on the relevancy of our content. It means that we can decide what keywords we want to be ranked for.

When attempting to rank higher with Bing, we should make sure that the website is ranked higher for Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords. In this case, LSI keywords are those that are not the phrase we are using. By using LSI keywords, we won’t overuse our primary keywords. It means that our content won’t look spammy and fully stuffed. We should also know that Bing places higher importance on the age of the domain.

It would take awhile before our websites are ranked well with Bing, so it is important to continue improving our website. One-week websites may already be indexed, but they won’t be discovered on search results for popular keywords. It is important for us to be patient during the SEO process.

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