Important Milestones Marking The Journey Of Learning Management System

Learning Management System is an important tool for imparting knowledge, easing out the administration process, documentation, reporting and managing all types of content on a large level. It is a web-based application that has made optimum use of technology to ease out the above-mentioned process. The LMS made its fitrst appearance in the year 1990 and has its continued existence with the newer and advanced versions and technologies improving the LMS standards.

Important Milestones Marking The Journey Of Learning Management System

Let us have a look at the different milestones that an LMS has crossed and where it stands today

Learning Management System – a journey that was initiated to make the process of learning as well as infusing information to the right people by perfectly blending in technology. It all began in the year 1990 when the first learning management system was created by SoftArc. FirstClass was the name given to this debutant in the field of technology. All this was started in the year 1990.

Then came the Interactive Learning Network in the year 1997. CourseInfo developed this LMS that made generous use of the relational MySQL database in coordinating education as well as technology.

The year 2002 welcomed the first open source LMS with the name Moodle. The audiences just need to download the online software to their desktop to start with the Learning management system.

The world welcomed its Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) in the year 2004 that gave a strong base to all the Learning Management Systems that are being developed till date.

The year 2005 saw the implementation of Flash videos in creating attractive videos for accentuating the learning process. The same year saw the first distance education system that allowed the users to get themselves trained. NACON Consulting released its first virtual on-demand learning management system that encourages learning on a single web browser.

With the number of mobile users exceeding the desktop users who access internet created a new horizon for all the technical world. The inventors caught hold of this opportunity to bring into effect the m-learning process where the user could access the internet on their mobile phones for the learning process. Moreover, the year 2008 saw the release of the first cloud-based open source LMS named as Eucalyptus, which did not require any internal networks or server to get access to the learning management system.

The API experience was felt in the year 2013 where the 1.0.0 version of the SCORM was released for a more advanced experience of LMS. Creating a virtual classroom is what the modern LMS is all up to. Gone are the days where people were accustomed to a fixed mode of technology in the leaning and development process. The world changes and is expected to keep on changing in the coming years and this is what the modern e-learning process would be witnessing. We can see the virtual reality concept soon engulfing the LMS.


The future of e-learning seems to be quite promising in nature as it makes generous use of all the modern inventions and innovations to accentuate the process of learning and imparting training at a huge level.

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