Looking For A Reliable Vehicle Service Contract Company? Contact Omega

You have the major four: health, home, car, and life insurance. Then there is a second category, which starts getting a little obscure with credit card insurance, fraud insurance, purchase protection plans, and more. Extended warranties, also known as extended service contracts, or extended service policies fall in this second category. Extended warranties are supposed to pay for stated repairs for a definite period of time after the factory warranty expires. They can be of great value.

Looking For A Reliable Vehicle Service Contract Company? Contact Omega

Omega Auto Care offers the best vehicle extended warranties coverage options in the entire U.S.A. Headquartered in Jacksonville, the company helps the clients by paying the bill when the vehicle’s systems and covered parts break down. The company provides coverage after a vehicle owner’s factory warranty leaves off. If you do not have factory warranty coverage, you may also secure a vehicle repair service contract from Omega to give you the assurance that support will be prepared for you at a moment’s notice. From towing services to roadside assistance and mechanical breakdown repairs you can rely on them to provide you with what you need. You can go through the Omega Auto Care Reviews to know more about the facilities that Omega offers. In fact this company has the maximum number of satisfied customers and the employees here strive hard to maintain their reputation by offering the customers with the best quality services.

The service contract holders of other companies always complain about the lack of efficient and friendly customer support. On several occasions, the contract holder found it problematic to get through their provider’s customer support hotline, and in emergency situations, this type of customer service is not at all helpful. However, with Omega Auto Care, such problems simply do not exist since the company believes in offering the highest quality customer care service. Whether you need assistance with claim or you need more info about a particular coverage stated in your contract, you will find that Omega’s customer support team is well-organized, dependable, easygoing, approachable, and highly conversant about the company’s products and services. You also do not need to wait or face hard time in order to reach the customer service.

Auto repair service contracts with reasonable rates, wide-ranging coverage choices, help when you require, and outstanding customer support team are qualities that make Omega different from the others. At Omega, you are not just getting an auto repair service contract; you are getting serenity. Today, there are numerous companies in U.S.A that offers vehicle service contracts to the customers; however, among them only a few are genuine. Omega is a genuine company which is insured by a Fortegra company, Lyndon Southern Insurance Company and is a proud member of both the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and the Vehicle Protection Association.

So, if you are interested in getting your vehicle service contract from a reliable company, do not hesitate to get in touch with Omega Auto Care. Read the Omega Auto Care Reviews and find out why the customers are so much satisfied with the company.

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