Parties for Kids

Create a fun and lasting memory for your child by planning a terrific party. Kid-friendly decorations, entertainment, and food will entertain your guest list no matter what age they are. Party planning can be demanding, but the important thing is not letting it stress you out. With ample time and a good schedule, your planning skills will ensure your child’s party is a hit.


Establish a great background for the festivities by choosing a theme. A good theme will lend itself to be expressed through decorations and food items. Start thinking of ideas a month in advance to leave yourself enough time for decoration hunting. Buying online can be more efficient and save you money, as long as your shipment will arrive on time. You can draw inspiration from your child’s interests for an age-appropriate theme that everyone will love. Maybe you have a budding soccer star on your team. Your color scheme can be black and white, with green accents to match the turf. And you can have your piñata perfectly fit the theme by choosing a soccer ball shape. Keep in mind what season you are planning for and make the most of it. A summer pool party is heaven on earth in a child’s eyes. Oversized pool inflatables make for bright and refreshing picture props. Don’t let this limit you in other seasons, though. Who says you can’t have an indoor luau in the middle of winter? With the right decorations, you can create a fun and exciting atmosphere in any venue and season.


Your options for entertaining any age are expansive. Introduce games to the group early on to set a fun and inviting tone. Take a classic, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and make it theme-friendly by creating a unicorn, superhero or princess version. Pin the Cape on the Superhero is the perfect game for a younger crowd, but an older group might get bored of this fast. Consider outdoor entertainment like a petting zoo that can be great for all ages. Hands-on events never get old. If you happen to be having a summer themed party, look into water slide rentals to maximize on those warm and sunny days. Water slides can come in different themes and heights, so do your research to find the best deal for your party. Summer is obviously a popular time for these sorts of rentals, so make sure you reserve what you need for your group ahead of time. Hiring a children’s event entertainer can also be cost-friendly and fun. A face painter can create a colorful group for amusing pictures and memories to look back on. A classic magician can get the crowd excited to figure out the next trick. Don’t forget to make a happy playlist to listen to throughout the activities. Pop music is a safe option; just make sure to choose the clean versions of songs, if necessary.


Whether you choose to serve simple snacks or a lunchtime get-together, the food you provide is an essential part to your party, and usually what guests look forward to most. Speaking of guests, they can sometimes be picky, especially young ones. Make sure to take note of allergies and dietary restrictions so that you can take the proper measures to account for everyone’s needs. Prepare for those picky eaters by having options. Consider making some creative dishes, while keeping other simple choices as backup. Chips and dip are always a hit, especially paired with soda for an easy and quick appetizer. Draw once again from your theme for some creative food ideas. Use cookie cutters to shape fruit into butterflies, elephants or other cute animals for a fun zoo themed party snack. Placing them on skewers makes them instant kid friendly treats—who doesn’t love food that comes with a handle? Take into account your guest of honor’s favorite food and flavors for their special day.

Plan ahead and make an unforgettable party for your child and their friends. While the memories of young friendships might come first, they will also be able to appreciate the details (and planner) that made it all possible.

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