Sink Repair and Maintenance Tips from Experts

One of the most used things in the house is the sink, whether it is of the kitchen or of the bathroom. Various things are washed there. Many a times, sinks get clogged or there is sudden leakage of water from the sink or the pipe. To avoid such a situation or to overcome a sudden sink problem, you should be aware of quick ways that can help you.

Sink Repair and Maintenance Tips from Experts

Expert Tips for Sink Maintenance

Knowing the Sink Plumbing Parts

In order to repair your sink, you should be aware about every part of the sink. This helps you to take a prompt action, in case a sink problem arises. Knowing the parts also helps you to maintain them properly.

Examining the Leak

The basic problem that occurs in sinks is leakages. So, you have to examine the leakage first and gauge the level of harm it can cause. Keep a note of the place from where water is leaking so that you can fix the issue.

Turning off the Water Supply

Once you find any kind of leakage problem, it is advisable to turn off the water supply before starting the plumbing work. This not only save water, but prevents the harm that leakages cause. Damp area in a bathroom or kitchen is indeed unhygienic.

Regular Cleaning of the Sink

To keep your sink clean regularly, you can simply run down some hot water for few minutes with few drops of vinegar or baking soda and it will break down the debris stuck in the pipe giving you clogged free sink.

Put a Stopper in the Sink

It is a good practice to put a stopper in the sink. By doing so, you can prevent debris, greasy stuff, toothpaste, hair and other solid things from passing down the pipe which can later create issues like clogging.

Solve Water Hammer Issues

Sometimes you might have heard of a sudden noise inside the pipe while closing the tap or even when it is running. That noise or sound is called water hammer. It is caused by sudden increasing and decreasing of water pressure. It should be repaired immediately as this can break the joints and fittings. To get that done, various devices are available that can control the uneven water pressure.

Whenever you see a problem or a leak in the sink, you should repair it immediately without wasting any time. If you are unaware of DIY trick, it is advisable to call an emergency plumber or handyman.

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