6 Things to Consider When Buying A Used Phone

If you are thinking of buying a used phone, then you have to understand the risks connected to such a purchase. With no doubt, it is very easy to stay on the safe side if you pay attention to details before making any payments, and, of course, if you follow the little tips from the article below.

6 Things to Consider When Buying A Used Phone

Physical Appearance

First and easiest thing for you to do is evaluate phone’s physical appearance.  You should understand that regardless of the numbers that you find after check iPhone prices that you may find in the internet you will always have a possibility to negotiate it with the proper check.

During the visual checking you need to look at the scratches or cracks present on the screen and the overall look of the phone. After the visual part is done, make sure to look under the back cover, because exactly this place will show you if there were any water contact or more serious damages. The signs of water contact are rust and corrosion of the battery and parts close to it. If you see anything like that, stop the deal and go home, because such phone will not work properly.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are those things you want your new phone to perform. For instance, some people are looking for loud dynamics, others for a business planner, while some are looking for just a phone. So the main point is to understand what you are looking for and look for these characteristics in the phones you are planning to purchase.

Is the Phone Stolen?

This is the greatest risk with used smartphones so you have to be very careful with this check. In order to do that check you need to get the IMEI, ESN or MEID from the seller. Then when getting any of these codes go online and check all possible online resources about this phone. If you are planning to purchased a locked phone, then you can simply ask about these codes from the carrier to get confirmation.

Is The Phone Unlocked?

Unlocked phones give more flexibility in terms of choosing you carrier. So the tip here is to choose such purchases. However, you need to be ready that unlocked even used phones will have higher price.

Buyer Protection

Make sure that you protect yourself from frauds. Most online platforms have buyer’s protection, however if buying a phone in person never hand the money to the seller until you are absolutely sure that you are buying it.

Price negotiation

And the final ‘stop’ in your trip of buying a used phone is price negotiation. It is vital to know the market before you meet with the seller to have some numbers to operate with. So try to check price market for the phone you are looking for, for instance, use  online calculator to check Google phones prices so that when sealing the deal you will be able to get the price you are actually willing to pay for it and no penny more.

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