The Advent Of The AngularJS

There have been many frameworks that have generously contributed in the world of technology, some of them have had a humble beginning that went on to become one of the most promising front end web application development tool. Today let us talk about AngularJS – an open source front end web application framework, that found its existence in the year 2009. Misko Hevery and Adma Abrons were the pioneers to the birth of this AngularJS framework.

AngularJS services are some of the most sought after services when it comes to getting services for angularJS supported applications. This intrinsic framework has very well utilized the advancement in technology and proved to be the best platform that helps in creating apt technical solutions.


It is always the attributes that either brings success or failure or a touch of neutrality when it comes to popularity. So which attributes were the driving force to bringing about accolades to AngularJS ? Have a glance at some of the most distinguishing features of AngularJS framework.

1. Data-binding – its two way:

The Data-binding feature of the AngularJS is one of the most remarkable feature that has paved way for the most used web framework. Data-binding, a traditional process that brings about a relation between application UI and business logic witnessed instances where problems were raised due to the design of an application. AngularJS’s two way data binding process helps in eradicating this problem that was created due to the use of traditional data binding method. The two way data-binding method helps in simplifying many attributes of the AngularJS framework giving some of the flawless presentation layers, lesser destructive approach and the list is endless.

2. Clear Coding:

Developers are the king of coding that enables and allows to get things easy through coding and developing. AngularJS services includes the use of less, making it an easy and convenient process for coding. Codes are those tools that the developers use to build the best ever possible applications, bringing life to a dynamic idea.

3. Easy to start:

Want to start coding for a web application then AngularJS is one of the frameworks that provides an easy coding of documents. It is not rocket science for all those developers who have a basic knowledge about development. It just requires you to add a few attributes to your HTML and you are all set to create a great application within minutes as you are required to use less of coding.

4. Filter flexibility:

Bending a little often proves to beneficial when it comes to creating a strong and powerful relation. Same is the case in AngularJS framework. A filter purifies the value before it displays a particular function. Filters work as a standalone function that directs the data transformation.

These are some of the features that makes AngularJS one of the most attractive and charismatic web frameworks. Every new product needs time and patience to make it to one of the most promising and established product in nature and AngularJS has indeed surpassed the milestones leading towards success.

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