The Ultimate Shopping Guide To Buying Sterling Silver Pendants

Silver pendants are a dear choice for making a stylish addition to your existing piece of jewelry such as chains, bracelets and earrings.  In fact, such is the frenzy that folks are buying wholesale sterling silver pendants online today. However, to make sure that the pendant addition is perfect to your neck piece, you needs to take a closer look at the necklace or the bracelet in which it is going to be added.

To make shopping for silver pendants easy, the best way to begin is to decide what kind of pendant you need. This includes the pendant’s design, structure, stone setting and function to determine what kind of look will it finally give to the jewelry.

The Ultimate Shopping Guide To Buying Sterling Silver Pendants

Shopping For Silver Pendants

While shopping for a pendant for a particular piece of necklace, consider the position of the pendant on the body to decide if the size and design of the pendant is ideal for that particular chain.

Let’s explore the type of chains to know if a pendant is an ideal fit for the same.

Rope Chain: A rope necklace is a long chain that is wrapped on your neck multiple times and measures 35 inches or longer in length. Longer versions do not entertain pendants while the shorter ones are sometimes adorned with a pendant or two.

Matinee Chain: These chains fall below the wearer’s neck and are around 24 inches in length.

Princess Necklace: They measure between 18 to 20 inches. These are the most common types and they usually drape around the wearer’s neck bone. They are the perfect type to flaunt a silver pendant.

Opera Necklace: These chains measure between 30-35 inches in length. They rest on the wearer’s breastbone and adding a pendant to this length of the necklace gives it a perfect look.

Choker Necklace:  Speaking of its name truly, choker necklaces are one of the shortest designed necklaces, usually 14-16 inches long. Pendants attached to such necklaces are really smaller in size because of their positioning on the neck.

Silver Pendant Bracelets

Pendants are pretty common in sterling silver bracelets. Nowadays, multiple pendants or charms on a single bracelet are in vogue to create interesting stories. They are also added to the clasp of the bracelet to add style to that part. Most bracelets are created entirely out of pendants that give off a rich pretty look.

Silver Pendant Earrings

If you didn’t know, pendants are also added to earrings by adding an earring attachment. They are also added to existing earrings to expand their length.

Other Uses of Silver Pendants

Nowadays, silver pendants have become so popular that they are directly fitted to clothes, purses, bags, mobile phones and art works. The most popular choice among silver alloys is sterling silver that is used for jewelry purpose. It contains 92.5 percent silver mixed with other alloys such as copper and brass and its credibility is proven worldwide by jewelers. You can buy wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry online too at KS Jewellery. Just remember, all sterling silver jewelry that you purchase will be marked 925 on them as a sign of authenticity.

Sterling silver is one of world’s most versatile jewelry worn by both men and women. And the fact that it is way cheaper than gold makes it a popular choice for all. So, add that sparkle to your attire this season with sterling silver pendants.

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