Tips For Marketing Residential Investment Properties

Do you have an investment property for rent? Whether you are an experienced land lord or are getting started, follow these suggestions for marketing your property to secure the highest quality tenants in the shortest amount of time. What is a high quality tenant? Tenants that follow the terms of the lease, consistently pay rent in full and on time, and take care of the property are consider high quality tenants. How do you secure these? This is accomplished by taking several key steps to prepare your property and market it to your desired audience.

Tips For Marketing Residential Investment Properties

Prepare your property for rent. If the property is a single family residence, take stock of the curb appeal. Update landscaping and attend to any deferred maintenance issues. Most decisions made by tenants on rental properties happen as they pull up to the property. First impressions are huge. On the interior, ensure that every room has fresh paint and the carpets or floor coverings have been steam cleaned. A thorough cleaning of the unit is critical to attracting high quality tenants. Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. All appliances, including the HVAC systems should be serviced and in proper working order.

Prepare your marketing materials. Take multiple pictures of the interior and exterior of the property. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and the rewards offered by AT&T and capture all of your photos digitally. Write a comprehensive narrative description of the property and create flyers to leave in the property for prospective tenants. Have copies of leases and rental applications available as well. Select reputable websites to list the property and include as much information as possible. This should include, but not be limited to, room count, square footage, location, lease terms, availability date and photos. Prequalify prospective tenants prior to arranging a tour to respect your time and that of the prospective tenant.  Respond to inquiries on the same day as received. Prospective tenants are often looking at multiple properties at one time and lack of response could mean losing out on a quality tenant. Best of luck to you!

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