While on the way to look ahead for transfer from Geneva airport to verbier there are a few things you may desire to know. As it is the case with some of the major airports, you may arrange a transfer that is either private or in group.

Difference between Private and Group Transfer

In private transfer, you will fetch a vehicle to yourself along with a direct door-to-door transfer towards your destination. Even though they are a little bit more expensive, they can still be reasonably priced. In case many are traveling altogether, then the cost per person relatively becomes modest. Being with others will let you benefit from little bit extra space.


While in group, you will be traveling with others and there may be stops at other point en-route towards your final destination. It is the most economic way to perform actions and may work well in case you are traveling alone and love the company of others. Due to many number of stoppages, a few minutes need to be devoted for unloading luggage and equipment at each.

Accommodating Baggage and Individuals

When you are on your way to make your booking, you will be advised regarding the assumptions made regarding baggage and sports equipment. In case you need to exceed them, then it will be good to raise the same in advance of arriving at Geneva. It is almost always possible to accommodate special luggage requirements in case notified in advance.

If you arrive with outsize equipment without any prior agreement, then there are chances that your driver and vehicle may not be in a position to accommodate them and may lead towards lengthy delays while making alternative arrangements.  Delaying of flights is not done intentionally. But sometimes the situation becomes so harsh, that the same needs to be accepted.

Informing the Driver at the Earliest

The driver will constantly keep a close eye on flight times and will remain busy in scheduling updates. In case flights get delayed, there will remain no cause for any concern as you will be with your driver after the flight finally arrives at the spot. Though delays in clearing are comparatively rare these days, you may held up after landing by things like lost or damaged baggage and customs inspections.

Such things may not be visible to your driver. In case it happens, you need to contact your driver at the earliest. In case you do not hold a cell phone, you may request that airport service to assist you. For transfer from Geneva airport to verbier, your driver will be waiting close to the point where you leave restricted airport space and enter the main terminal. Usually, they hold a sign with the name of your party leader on it.

One thing that may cause confusion and delay includes the arrival of party with more number of people than expected by the driver. In case you are changing the size of your party, then it will be a good idea to ensure that it gets notified at the earliest. This is necessary in case you include young children in the party as special safety seating, may be required in transferring service.

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