Ways To Combat Fatigue And Get Your Energy Back

Fatigue is a subjective feeling of tiredness. Overweight and stress are its main causes. Some simple lifestyle changes can help you fight against fatigue. Daily 15 minutes workouts help you to get some energy. Statistics show that over 10% of accidents are caused by fatigue. Learn here what are the main methods of preventing fatigue.

Ways To Combat Fatigue And Get Your Energy Back

Take a Light Dinner

Heavy dinner that is bad for the quality of sleep. And a healthy sleep is your best ally against fatigue. Digestion is slower in the evening, due to low energy resources. Eaten foods will stay longer in the stomach where they will ferment, which will lead to the gas formation, bloating, sensations that will not allow you to rest properly.

Follow a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Our food needs to cover all the needs of the body, so it is recommended to consume foods rich in protein, vitamins, mineral salts and oligo-elements. If you have an unbalanced diet, rich in fatty and sweet foods and low in fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals will mark your physical and mental health. These are the most feared enemies of health and the best friend of fatigue.

Enough  Sleep

You do not have to sleep too much, not too much, but as much as necessary for your body to recover. Each body has its own needs: some of us feel rested after 6 hours of sleep, others after 8 or 10 hours.

Respect Sleep Timer

It is a big mistake not to respect the evening of sleep,  you risk experiencing a wait of up to 2 hours before sleeping again. follow the daily routine, And that only makes you wake up.

Ask for help

Surround yourself with trustworthy people, whom you can call when you want to rest and who will not cheat your expectations and help you solve problems.

Organize yourself!

Your weekends start to resemble marathons? Take care, wash, iron, shop, help your children with themes, complete your work assignments, meet your friends. and on Monday you are tired than  Friday after a week of work. Try to share your weekend activities throughout the week, make a weekly plan to alternate between rest and active moments. And the real moments of relaxation, keep them for the weekend!

Do Sports

Fatigue is also intimate with a sedentary life. Forget the computer at least on weekends and take a long walk through the park or practice a sport that will please you. It is important to choose a  physical activity to practice with pleasure, not to feel it as a chore and, consequently, not to return to old habits.


A foam bath, aromatherapy, some abdominal breathing, a relaxing massage is excellent antistress and anti-sludge methods help you to feel good. Do not think you will waste your time by putting into practice the things listed above. The time you spend on your own care is never lost.

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