Why Posture Is Important

Most people underestimate the importance of good posture. Despite the numerous benefits that come with it or the likelihood of preventing numerous complications that come with bad posture, some people still do not follow see the essence of maintaining good posture.

Most of our childhood was spent being admonished by our parents on how we should sit and stand. This timeless advice still exists today and there are numerous reasons why it’s still golden.

Why Posture Is Important

Good posture improves functioning of your body

When you maintain good posture, your body tends to work at its maximum. When you stand and sit as you should, the result is usually proper digestion of your food, and it does not stop there.  Other organs, also, start functioning properly.

It gets rid of body pains

Poor posture normally leads to misalignment of your muscles, ligaments, and bones. Consequently, your body may not be in a good position to carry its own weight. The pressure caused by the misalignment may eventually lead to back and neck pains or headaches if not corrected early. Fortunately, correcting these problems only requires that you start maintain proper posture. But sometimes you may need to see a doctor for specialized assistance, if too much damage was done.

Proper posture enhances your breathing

Your body posture has a direct impact on how your rib cage works. The moment you stoop backwards, forwards, or sideways in an irregular manner, you cause your rib cage to collapse. This eventually affects your ability to breath properly as your lungs won’t have enough room to expand and contract effectively.  By practicing proper posture, you can develop healthier breathing habits.

Good posture improves your ability to grasp what you learn

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between good memory and our body’s posture. This study, also, ties back to the previous point concerning proper breathing. When you maintain proper posture, your body tends to take in more oxygen, which eventually improves your rate of understanding.

Proper posture portrays confidence

When you sit properly – be it in an interview, a date or in any occasion, you will more likely be considered a confident person.  Even if you are a shy person. This is important especially if you are meeting someone for the first time, and you want to be close to them or create a strong connection with the person. It will not hurt to take time and train yourself on how to use proper sitting and standing positions as a tool to build rapport with your acquaintances.

Do thorough practice on proper sitting and standing positions, by indulging in different situational experiences. Most people do the most damage to themselves while they sit at work at the computer all day, or even when they just sit at the computer at home playing online poker. Besides watching how your body is positioned when you sit on a chair with a backrest, try sitting on a rock where your entire body will be free to acquire any position. This way, you will be learning how to balance the weight of your body in strenuous conditions. In addition, you must watch how you position your body when you walk as the same negative effects of negative body posture can be experienced while walking.

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