Improper Design Issues That We Should Address

Web design is actually a combination of science and art. From the designer’s perspective, this requires significant artistic and technical endeavours. Raw ideas need to be converted into visualized designs and this can be achieved through palpable creativity. One of the worst things we can do is copying others’ websites and considering them as our own.

This is something that can be repeated by many other companies. This kind of website may rank quite low in SEO valuations. This will result in low site ranking and an overall poor traffic. This type of web design technique must be avoided whenever possible.

There are other mistakes that we may do. One of the most common things is by using table-based layouts. This can make our website structure more complicated than necessary. Designing tables is usually easy, but eventually we find that the maintenance is difficult.

Managing content inside tables can be quite puzzling and it is something that we want to avoid. The problem can become even more complicated when tables are nested. HTML 4.01 standards have disallowed such practice and it is directly unusable in HTML5. It is better to use CSS, because the overall maintenance efforts can be made much easier.

Improper Design Issues That We Should Address

Another sign of bad design is the use of infinite scrolling. It is true that scrolling is an important element of any website, because webpage can be longer than the resolution of the display. If there’s a large amount of content, it will be better to combine them in a single page with organized structure.

It can be quite troublesome for users to load for multiple pages filled with small chunks of content, especially if they want to switch back and forth between information provided. However, some pages can have very long scrolling that could simply overwhelm users. This is definitely something that we want to avoid whenever possible.

There is another issue related to infographics and this is something that we need to address properly. If we want to have repeat visitors, it is important to know that infographics may result in lower SEO valuation. Infographics is acceptable if we have good visual arrangement in the display.

However, we should know that Google may not read image with texts, such as infographics. In this case, it is important for us to repeat text on the image. Search engines are only able to read plain text and it is important that essential information on the infographics are also available as plain text. We should also know that infographics can be relatively large in size, so we should be able to define the proper size.

We shouldn’t use the delayed loading technique. In this case, images or contents will be loaded only when users interact with the page. In this case, it is possible that search engine spiders won’t index important content in our website. This will also result in poor SEO valuation, so it is important for us to avoid that. We could get good results only if we make sure that all parts of the website is loaded properly. This is an important fact that we should consider.

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